KJV 1611 Edition Bible- Hardcover (with the Original 1611 Apocryphal Books)


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For nearly 400 years, the Authorized Version of the
Bible-popularly known as the King James Version-has been beloved for its
majestic phrasing and stately cadences. No other book has so profoundly
influenced our language and our theology.
Over time, however, the text has suffered subtle and occasionally troublesome
alterations. This attractive edition preserves the original 1611 edition. Word
for word and page for page, the text with its original marginal notes, preface
(The Translators to the Reader), and other introductory material appear as they
first did. The sole concession to modernity is a far more readable roman
typeface set by nineteenth-century master printers. Elegantly bound with
old-world quality craftsmanship, this is the perfect edition of the incomparable
King James Version for study and for sheer enjoyment.
The only word-for-word facsimile of the original 1611 Authorized Version on the
Handsome page design with clearer modern type and decorative initials is
convenient to read and reference
The text is complete with the Apocrypha, plus the original preface and
translators’ notes. Alfred Pollard’s classic essay on pre-1611 English
translations and the history of the Authorized Version is also included
Attractive binding in all editions-raised hubs, gilding (on leather-bound
editions only), and one ribbon marker creates an heirloom-quality volume

Bible Details:

  • ISBN: 1565631609

  • ISBN-13: 9781565631601

  • Author: KJV Scripture

  • Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers

  • Price: 29.97

  • Binding: Hardcover

  • Red Letter: No

  • Version: King James Version

  • Size: 8 7/8 x 5 1/2 x 1 3/8 Inches

  • Point Size: 8


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