We are as excited as you are to get your Bible to you as quickly as possible.  Our current estimated delivery times (via USPS):

Standard Shipping: 7–14 Business Days

Expedited Shipping: 4-8 Business Days 

Due to the delays in the US Postal Service, we cannot guarantee shipping times. 


Domestic Shipping:

Orders can be shipped to all 50 US states and Canada. 

International Shipping:

We currently do not offer international shipping (sorry).


There are 2 shipping options:

Standard Shipping: Flat Rate – $12.25.         7-14 Business Days

Expedited Shipping: Flat Rate – $19.89.         4-8 Business Days


Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation along with a tracking number. 

Please note: We will often print the postage label once the product is ordered. That means that you may get a number a day (or even several days) before your package is actually shipped (which means we are waiting for its arrival, or it is currently being imprinted). So, if you get a tracking number that does not show up when you track your package, it will likely show up shortly.

If you do not receive confirmation of shipment after 4 days, check your spam folder.

If you have any questions about shipping email us at and please include your order number, so we can verify shipment and get you the tracking information.

Again, we do our best to get your Bibles imprinted and shipped to you as fast as possible. Unfortunately, from time to time there are lags in delivery from the US Postal Service that are out of our control, so again we cannot guarantee shipping times. 

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