The Catholic Answer Bible Librosario NABRE (Black/Tan) LARGE PRINT Edition


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The NEW Catholic Answer Bible – The Bible with a Pray-along Rosary embossed in the cover.

Clear and concise explanations of the Catholic Church’s teachings on critical issues are derived from Bible text and Catechism references; with double the supplemental content found in the original Catholic Answer Bible. Features 88 of the most common questions Catholics are asked about their faith. New larger format with large print text. Ideal gift!

  • New American Bible Revised Edition for Catholics (NABRE)
  • Page-edge indexing
  • Gold-gilded Page Edges
  • Silk Ribbon Marker
  • Deluxe Gift Box
  • Presentation Page
  • Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation
  • Origin, Inspiration and History of the Bible
  • Three Year Cycle of Readings
  • Celebration of the Eucharist and Page-edge Indexing.
  • Bible Size: 9 1/8″ x 6 1/2 x 1 3/8″ inches
  • 1230 pages
  • Color – Black/Tan
  • Color Inserts With Answers to Common Questions Catholics Are Asked About Their Faith.
    • Here are a sample of the questions you will find in this edition:
    • What is the Holy Trinity?
    • Why do Catholics Use Holy Water?
    • Are the Seven Sacraments in the Bible?
    • Why do the Catholic Bibles Have Seventy-three Books?
    • Why do Catholics Call Priests ‘Father’?
    • Why does the Church Follow So Many Traditions?
  • Publisher: Fireside Catholic Publishing
    • IMPRIMATUR: All content of Fireside Catholic Bibles. Wichita, KS. has received Imprimatur from the appropriate Ordinary and is approved for publication by the Board of Control of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. All ancillary material created to assist the reader, is clearly delineated from the Scripture text by the color and placement of this material. Fireside has and will continue to seek ecclesiastical approval on products we publish.
    • Where Fireside Stands on Catholic Bible Production in China
      • SUMMARY: We encourage all Bible consumers to make their own decisions regarding the origins of the Bibles they purchase. Fireside Catholic Publishing will continue to to offer the highest quality Bibles at the best possible prices, and will only produce Bibles in countries where all people are allowed to freely practice their faith.
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The NEW Catholic Answer Bible Librosario NABRE

ISBN-13: 9781556654039



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