NIV Brown Complete Waterproof Bible


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NIV Waterproof Bible

See How Waterproof This Bible Is

? Extremely Durable Synthetic Pages
? 100% Worry Free
? Stain Resistant
? Ultra Clear Text
? Ideal for Gear Bag or Backpack
? Dry Highlight
? Write and Underline
? No Bleed Thru
? F L O A T S
The durability of the Waterproof Bible gives you the freedom to take God’s Word with you anywhere – lounging, traveling, exercising… with worry free confidence that your Bible will withstand the test of time.
If you select to have your name imprinted on this Bible it will be printed in black on a small gold plate that will be fixed to the front cover.
NIV 2011 text
708 pages
5 7/8″ x 8 3/4″ x 1 3/8″
8 pt font
100% Waterproof Synthetic Paper and Binding

ISBN: 9781609690526


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