NASB Life Application Study Bible Top Grain Leather Black Thumb Indexed


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NASB Life Application Study Bible Black Top Grain (Genuine) Leather Thumb Indexed

General Editor: Ronald A Beers

  • Black Genuine Leather – gold page edges
  • ISBN 10: 0310911729
  • ISBN 13: 9780310911722
  • Side Column References
  • NASB (1995) Updated Translation
  • Concordance
  • 2560 Pages
  • 9-3/16″ x 6-1/4″ x 2-1/8″
  • Thumb Indexed
  • 1st Published: May 2000
  • Publisher: Zondervan
    Extensive in-text notes help readers to understand the message of Scripture and
    apply it to their lives in a practical way.
  • Over 10,000 of in-text application notes
  • Over 100 personality profiles.
  • The most literal word-for-word translation.

The study Bible that helps you translate Scriptural truths into practical
The Life Application Study Bible was created for the reader who wants to answer
the question, “What does God’s Word mean for my life today?” This edition is
full of features that will help you understand the timeless lessons of the
Bible, including application notes, character studies, maps and charts, detailed
book introductions, and more. The Life Application Study Bible is a rich
resource to help you live out your faith in practical ways.

  • Dictionary-Concordance.
  • Book introductions use timelines, overviews, and outlines to prepare you to
    hear and respond to the truths of scripture.
  • Over 10,000 Application notes help you understand the message of Scripture and
    apply it to your life in practical ways.
  • Harmony of the Gospels.
  • Over 100 Character sketches introduce you to key Bible personalities and the
    lessons that may be learned from their lives.
  • In-text maps.
  • In-text charts and diagrams help you grasp difficult concepts at a glance.
  • Side-column reference system.
  • Subject index to notes, charts, maps, and profiles.
  • 8-Page presentation section.
  • 16 pages of full-color maps.
  • Single column format.
  • 9-point text.
    The truths of Scripture can transform your life.
    A flinty blade poised over a young man’s heart-a heavenly command preventing the
    knife’s deadly descent-the drama of Abraham and Isaac is one of the Bible’s best
    beloved-stories. But what is its relevance for you? How do you apply this
    ancient account to your life today? What do you have in common with men and
    women who lived thousands of years ago in agrarian cultures that were vastly
    different than today’s world of computers and freeways and towering city
    skylines? When you read about the building of the temple in Israel or what Jesus
    had to say to the Pharisees about the laws of Israel, what timeless principles
    can you apply to your life?
    Turn to the Life Application Study Bible. Its wealth of study aids helps you
    translate scriptural truths into practical action. You’ll find hundreds of
    application notes filled with insights for godly living. Character sketches help
    you learn from the strengths and accomplishments, weaknesses and mistakes of key
    Bible characters from Aaron to Zerubbabel. A dictionary-concordance enables you
    to research important words and concepts. Thorough book introductions and
    timelines offer an overview of key concepts and help you put the biblical
    narrative into perspective.
    NASB translation description:
    In the mid-20th century, The Lockman Foundation saw the need for a new
    translation based upon the values that inspired the revered American Standard
    Version (ASV). Employing the same exacting word-for-word approach as the ASV, a
    world-class team of conservative translators and scholars drew on the strengths
    of its predecessor and on new Hebrew and Greek textual sources to produce an
    all-new translation. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) was released in its
    entirety in 1971, and was updated in 1995 to render it more understandable to
    modern-English readers. It is recognized as today’s most accurate word-for-word
    Thousands of in-text application notes will enrich your understanding of the
    biblical text and show how it relates to what God is doing in your life now.
    Located near the relevant verse, application notes make understanding the Bible
    enjoyable and rewarding. Character sketches introduce you to biblical people
    like Abraham, showing how the choices he made in his epic journey of faith offer
    insights for your personal journey of faith. The life experiences of people from
    the Old and New Testament offer eternal perspective on the daily choices we all
    must make. You’ll also learn about cultural backgrounds, helping you put key
    events of the Bible into perspective through charts, diagrams, and overviews.
    Timeless truths from Scripture are highlighted, bridging the gap between ancient
    and modern times and showing you how the Bible is relevant to what you
    experience today.
    The Life Application Study Bible introduces you to all this and more, offering
    penetrating insight that will help you live with greater wisdom and faith. The
    Bible is a life-changing book, and the Life Application Study Bible gives you
    the tools you need to understand and apply its message.


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