NASB Large Print (10Pt) Ultrathin Reference Bible Black Strong Genuine Leather


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ISBN: 1581351313

Black Genuine Leather

Size: 6 7/8 x 9 5/8 x 1 1/8
Font Point Size: 10


  • Center-column references
  • Two Column Text
  • Concordance
  • 8 full-page maps
  • Verse format
  • Smyth sewn binding – lies flat
    when open
  • Ribbon Marker
  • Printed on High Opacity paper to
    Limit Bleed-Through
  • Black Letter
  • Bible Weight = 2.2 pounds

Description: Discover the
truth in the inspired Word of God by reading the New American Standard Bible.
This updated edition continues the NASB’s commitment to accuracy while
increasing clarity and readability.
Contains over
95,000 center-column cross-references to enrich your reading. Its Smyth sewn
binding adds durability for frequent use and travel.

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The NASB Update
Since its completion in 1971, the New American Standard Bible has been
widely acclaimed as “the most literally accurate translation” from the original
languages. Millions of people, students, scholars, pastors, missionaries, and
laypersons alike, have trusted the NASB, learning from it and applying it
to the challenges of their daily lives. With the NASB, anyone can
discover what the original text really says, word for word, because it is
considered the most literal translation of the Bible in the English language,
consistently following the oldest and best manuscripts. The NASB update
continues this commitment to accuracy, while increasing clarity and readability.
Vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure have been carefully updated for
greater understanding and smoother reading. The updated NASB remains the
most literally accurate Bible in the English language.
The smoother reading NASB update refines the differences in style between
the ancient languages and current English. In the process, Old English “thees,”
“thys,” and “thous,” archaic vocabulary, and sentences beginning with “And” have
been updated for better English, while verses with difficult word order were
In addition, parallel passages have been compared and reviewed and verbs that
have a wide range of meaning have been updated to better account for their use
in the context. Proper names or titles have been used in place of pronouns only
when the context made it clear who the person was. Punctuation and paragraphing
have been formatted to fit today’s standards. Also, the notes about ancient
manuscripts, which have appeared in most editions of the NASB, have been
reviewed and, in many cases, feature new and more specific interesting facts.
Instead of telling the reader what to think, the NASB update provides the
most precise translation with which to conduct a personal journey through the
Word of God.


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