NABRE Fireside Catholic Youth Bible (NEXT Edition)-Softcover


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NABRE Fireside Catholic Youth Bible

(NEXT Edition) – Softcover

This soft cover bible is recommended for Catholic teens looking to learn more about their religion. It breaks the learning down into seven comprehensive sections which explain the meaning of the bible and how it can be useful in everyday life. It addresses many of the topics that are relevant to teens as well as topics that will be relevant to them later in life. Other features include a presentation page, terms of mass, basic Catholic prayers and practices, page edge indexing, a laminated softcover, the origin and history of the bible and three year cycles of reading.

Readers of the bible say it is great for young readers. They say it makes the words of the bible accessible and it’s a great resource. The page indexing makes it easy to find passages. They appreciate the fact that the various topics included promote conversations. They say it provides deeper meaning and helps teenagers appreciate their religion. They like the fact that the laminated cover offers protection and that it is small enough to fit in your hand. They find the articles insightful and say it makes a great gift.


This Bible was written for Catholic Teens to enable them to grow emotionally and spiritually in their Catholic faith and become effective Disciples of Christ.

21 critical topics are addressed through seven comprehensive sections:

  • Your Decision/Your Reward
  • What Does the Bible Say About?
  • Roots of Our Faith
  • Saints Relate 1 on 1 with Christ
  • What Jesus Did
  • What Jesus Said
  • Putting My Faith into Action.


  • New American Bible Version Revised Edition (NABRE)
  • Basic Prayers and Practices of Our Catholic Faith
  • Terms of the Mass
  • Presentation Page
  • Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation
  • Origin, Inspiration and History of the Bible
  • Three Year Cycle of Readings
  • Celebration of the Eucharist
  • Size: 8 1/4? X 5 3/4? X 1 1/4?
  • Page Edge Indexing
  • Laminated Softcover
  • 9 pt. Font Size
  • 9781556654121
  • ISBN 10: 155665412X


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