ESV Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible – Burgundy Genuine Leather


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There are times when a Greek or Hebrew word has a distinct
meaning that seriously affects the proper interpretation of Scripture. Unless
you are familiar with these languages, you will not be able to determine what
word in the original text was used or the differences between these words-until

The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible identifies the
key words of the original languages and presents clear, precise explanations of
their meaning and usage. Those who love God's Word will treasure this Bible, for
it contains a whole library of biblical helps within its covers.

* Wider Margins on Pages of the Bible Text
* Key Words in the Biblical Text Coded to Strong's Numbers
* New Word Studies with AMG's Annotated Strong's Dictionaries
* Red Letter Edition of the English Standard Version of the Bible

Bible Details:

  • ISBN-13: 9780899579177

  • Pub. Date: Oct 23, 2013

  • Publisher: AMG Publishers

  • Edition: ESV Bible version, Burgundy Genuine Leather

  • Language(s): English

  • Series: Key Word Study Bibles

  • Pages: 2,368

  • Red Letter: No

  • Size: 9 x 7 x 2 3/4 Inches

  • Point Size: 9


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