CSB Apologetics Study Bible For Students-Hardcover


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CSB Apologetics Study Bible For Students-Hardcover (9.75 pt. Font)

CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students, Hardcover
Sean McDowell and Holman Bible Staff
Now updated with even more material, the CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students anchors young Christians in the truths of Scripture by equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses when the core issues of their faith and life are challenged.
With content curated by general editor, Dr. Sean McDowell, the core materials explores over 130 of the top questions students are asking today. This edition includes new articles and extensive apologetics study material from today?s most popular youth leaders and apologists that has been revised and updated to reflect relevant apologetics issues and questions being discussed today. A truly unique Bible created to encourage students to ask tough questions, get straight answers and strengthen their faith.
Features Include:
Presentation page
Book introductions
Study notes
Articles from popular youth leaders and apologists (including editor Sean McDowell)
Sixty ?Twisted Scripture? explanations for commonly misunderstood passages
Fifty ?Bones & Dirt? entries (archaeology meets apologetics)
Fifty ?Notable Quotes?
Twenty-five ?Tactics? against common anti-Christian arguments
Twenty ?Personal Stories? of how God has worked in real lives
Twenty ?Top Five? lists to help remember key apologetics topics
Two-color design-intensive interior
Two-column text
9.75-point type
Smyth-sewn binding
Ribbon marker
Full-color maps
The CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students features the highly reliable, highly readable text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), which stays as literal as possible to the Bible?s original meaning without sacrificing clarity. The CSB?s optimal blend of accuracy and readability makes Scripture more moving, more memorable, and more motivating to read it today and share it always.
ISBN 10: 143364410X
ISBN 13: 9781433644108
Christian Standard Bible Translation (CSB)
Holman Bible Publishers (B&H)
ublished: Summer 2017
Weight: 3LB
Hard Cover Binding
9 x 6 11/16 x 1 1/4 inches
9.75 pt.


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