March 27, 2014

Featured Bible: ESV Study Bible

If you want to build your understanding of the Bible, the ESV Study Bible is one of the best options out there. Written specifically for the ESV Study Bible, this publication comes with more than 20,000 notes. The purpose of these notes is to promote deeper understanding of the text and answering often asked questions about the Boble text. Furthermore, these notes are rich with not only theological background, but also historical and archaeological context.


The ESV Study Bible is packed with additional resources. In the introductions to every single Bible book, you will find key information, including:
– the author, date, and place of writing
– charted key themes
– a synopsis of how the book fits in with the biblical storyline as a whole
– an outline of the book
– a large, full-color map depicting the setting of the Bible book.

Apart from providing valuable context to all the Bible books, the publisher has also added more than 50 helpful articles dealing with topics such as:
– the authority of Bible and the Bible as a source of truth
– reading the Bible for worship and prayer
– determining  the reliability of biblical manuscripts
– archaeological ideas and the Bible
– a concise overview of biblical theology

What makes this study Bible such a valuable Bible study companion, is its system of 80,000 cross references . This system makes it really easy to find passages, important words and biblical themes. Also included, are over 200 color charts, providing beautifully clear presentations of essential information.


  • Easy to read: The ESV Bible is set in clear 9-point type. Layed out without the use of multiple columns, it reads like a regular book.
  • Section summaries: Summaries provide an overview of each main section and correspond to the outline shown in the introduction for each book. The sections are highlighted to ensure that you find them easily at any time.
  • Full-color maps: 200 maps placed throughout, make events and places in the Bible come to life.
  • Over 25,000 notes: These notes broadens your understanding of the Bible text and provide answers to frequently raised issues. Words from the Bible text are printed in bold for easy reference.
  • Over 80,000 cross-references: With the emphasis on easy access, you will have these references to key words, passages, and themes at your fingertips throughout the Bible.
  • Diagrams: You will find numerous diagrams which bring fresh understanding to key places and events in the Bible, based on the best, most recent historical and archaeological research.
  • Charts: Over 200 charts provide concise, summaries of important themes and teaching.
  • Presentation page
  • Family Record pages
  • Ribbon marker
  • 7″ x 9.75″ x 2″
  • Gold page edges
  • Product Information
  • Format: Genuine Leather
  • Number of Pages: 2752
  • Vendor: Crossway Books & Bibles
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Dimensions: 9.75 X 6.75 X 2.00 (inches)
  • ISBN: 1433502445
  • SBN-13: 9781433502446
  • References: Cross References|Side Column
  • Text Layout: In-Text Maps/Charts|Single Column
  • Text Size: 8 Point Notes|9-10 Point
  • Text Color: Black Letter


What are ESV Bibles?

The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is a Bible translation that combines word-for-word accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning.

The first ESV Bible saw the light in 2001 and has become trusted by millions of Christian leaders, pastors, and individuals all over the world.

The ESV Bible carries forward the centuries-old tradition of the Bible in English – the first examples being the Tyndale New Testament (1526) and the KJV Bible (1611). Building on this legacy, the ESV Bible (2001) reflects the spirit of the original languages, embodied centuries ago by early Bible translations.

Apart from linking with the historical essence of God’s Word, the ESV Bible also provides the most up-to-date evangelical Christian Bible scholarship and modern readability. The ESV translation team draws from over 100 evangelical Christian scholars and pastors around the globe, committed to the truth, authority, and application of the Bible to all aspects of life.



General Editor: Wayne Grudem,
Theological Editor: J.I. Packer
Old Testament Editor: C. John Collins
New Testament Editor: Thomas Schreiner

The study note contributors and articles include reputable Evangelical scholars, amongst whom:
John Piper, David Powlison, Darrell Bock, Leland Ryken, R. Kent Hughe and Daniel Wallace.


Points brought up by Past Reviewers of the ESV Bible


Reviewers often comment on the durability of this Bible. They say, “The Bible is made to be durable.” This is in part due to the binding process used for this Bible, which is smyth sewn.

The Bible is made to be durable. It is smyth sewn  — a quality binding process reserved mostly for hardcover books. Also known as sewing through the fold, signatures of the book are folded and stitched through the fold.  In order to form a text block in the spine, the signatures are then sewn and glued together.  This method allows through-the-fold books to have wide margins and very importantly – they can open completely flat.

The Bible is printed in a single-column format with cross-references in the margin. The high-opacity, French Bible paper is thin and light but still sturdy. The printed words are in a rich black — easy to read in a solid serif font for the biblical text and a thin sans-serif for the cross-references.

The ESV Study Bible’s use of color makes it a favourite with many readers. Most often one will find that the maps and illustrations contained in study Bibles are only in grayscale. However, this Bible contains  full-color illustrations and maps. Also noted, are the illustrations, commissioned specifically for this Bible.


The theological perspective of the Bible as it appears in the notes, might be something buyers want to consider. There are many questions that come to mind: On salvation, do the notes offer a Reformed or Arminian position? Do we find an egalitarian perspective on gender roles? How are the end times contextualized? One the issues of end times, spiritual gifts and soteriology,  some reviewers found the ESV Study Bible to be offering a wider perspective, when compared to, for example, the Reformation Study Bible.

This Bible is available in our store in two options:

Genuine Leather – Black

Bonded Leather – Black

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